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Our precise home valuation system has allowed us to achieve an average of a 97% percent list price to sales price ratio for our clients as well as an average of 30 days until a sale is made. Chat on the phone or meet in person with one of our top New Jersey listing agents, and they will provide you with our exact approach on how we arrive at the most accurate and realistic value for your home.

Here is what you will get from your 100% free, 30 minute consultation:

  • Customized Home Sellers Report showing the most recent similar sold properties as compared to your home. Not only will we show you the recently sold homes, but all of their interior details, how long they were listed on the market, and under what terms they sold for.
  • Recommended Home Value & Realistic List Price Range. Our listing price range will show you exactly how high or low of a price you can list your home for sale, and the pro’s and con’s of each option. We’ll also include the average number of days you can expect to be on the market until a sale.
  • Personalized Seller Net Sheet. Get a clear picture on how much money you can expect to make from the sale of your home after all expenses have been paid.
  • Potential Repair Recommendations from our experienced listing specialist including which repairs may add the most value to your home with minimal investment of time and money.
  • Local Real Estate Market Update. This report includes how many homes have sold, inventory of homes for sale, number of new listings, as well as the median sales price.
  • Free $50 Moving Voucher to a local moving company whether you decide to list and sell your home with us or not.

P.S – If after your consultation you decide to list your home with us, we will Guarantee Offers On Your Home in 90 days, or you can cancel the listing contract.

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